Olympic Mountains
Bob & Merry Nelson's background.

Merry and I started traveling full-time in 2005. We spent 12 years traveling the country and sometimes working as camphosts at various campgrounds. We covered all 48 of the lower 48 states and 4 Canadian Provinces, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. During these travels we visited many very interestins sites, both historical and modern. During this time we kept a travel journal and took many photographs. We have put these together on our Travel home page which can be visited by clicking on the links below or in the menu at the right.

We made many friends while traveling and working. This is one of the great benefits of living full time in a motor-home. You can pick up and leave at a moments notice and go somewhere new and meet new friends.

We found that while traveling we did not have enough time to see all of the sights in each of the states as we would still be traveling into 2030 and beyond if tried. So we selected a few attractions everywhere we went and tried to satisfy our ourselves that we had covered the state sufficiently. (We really didn't).

When we would stop and camp-host at a campground. We would have extra time on our hands and so we took up hobbies. Merry took up needle point and swedish weaving. Bob took up jewelry-making. As he was able to produce jewelry much faster than Merry could do her needlepoint, he developed quite an inventory.

While camp-hosting at Sundance RV park in Cortez, CO, he consigned a lot of his jewelry into a small shop in downtown Cortez. He managed to sell quite a bit there and kept making more.

When we left Cortez, we traveled for awhile and then headed to Maine to another camp-hosting job at Meadowbrook Camping in Phippsburg, ME. It is very close to both Bath, and Brunswick ME. While there Bob set up a tent in front of our rig and in his off time sold more jewelry.

We also set up at local craft fairs on our tours and peddled more jewelry to the locals.

In 2017, We came back to Sequim to settle down and quit traveling. As Bob still had quite a bit of Jewelry, he decided to sell online and Olympic Jewelry was born.

When we got back to Sequim, we parked at Conestoga Quarters RV Park, whose address is in Port Angeles but is really about halfway between Port Angeles and Sequim. It is a nice little park and we stayed there until December of 2019 when we purchased a home just outside of Sequim. We parked the RV in the yard and moved into the house. A BIG change. Going from 450 square feet of living area to 1600+ was really great. Didn't realize how cramped the motor-home had become. We are now just spending our time on the house and gardening and now Bob has a shop where he can work with all his wood-working tools.

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is where we are today. Back in Sequim and relaxing.

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