Olympic Mountains

Our journey continues

Index of Stops-December 16, 2009 to February 12, 2010*

Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico


n Jan 21, 2010, Campingworld, New Braunsfels, TX

We finally turned the motorhome to the North and headed for our next destination. Started out bright and early because we had an 8 am appt with Camping World in New Braunfels to have our ice maker checked and our right turn signal fixed, but the ice maker has a frozen tube and we will just have to take time to defrost it. They couldn't readily find the problem with the light and we would have to stay an extra day or two for them to troubleshoot it, but they found our back dual tires were pretty worn so we ended up getting 4 new tires. That was a blow to our budget, but knew it was coming sooner or later.

Jan. 24, 2010 Austin Lone Star RV Resort, Austin, TX

Since it was afternoon when we left we only made it to the Austin Lone Star RV Resort which was an okay park with long flat pull-ins, but nothing special. We went to a road house for dinner that had a bucket of peanuts at every table and you just throw the shells on the floor which was neat, except that I can't have peanuts anymore. Also, I forget that everything in the South is cooked over mesquite which I never could eat so they did a special order for me and fried a hamburger patty in a frying pan. They were very cooperative. Other than my foibles it was a neat place.

>February, 12, 2010 Toward Colorado

Feb. 12, 2010 Sundance RV, Cortez, CO (no photos)

We left a day early because another storm was coming in. We headed for a short stay back at Cortez, Co where we camphosted in the winter of 2007/2008. We had a wonderful visit with Cliff and Collette Parker, who now own the park by themselves. Their partner Tom Fuerborn had passed away. Cliff and Colette have done a great job of improving an already great park.

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