Olympic Mountains
Welcome to the tales of Bob & Merry Nelson's travels

This is the story of our life as we traveled the U.S. and Canada, living in a motor home and enjoying our life. We never had a set destination but just traveled where our interests took us. There were the few destinations that were planned in order to visit friends and family but overall we just planned our trips according to our wishes and fancies. Some of them were determined by being accepted as camphosts at various campgrounds. We usually tried to do some siteseeing on our way to the new camphost jobs. Others were just random.

our goal was to at least visit every state and some of the Canadian Provinces. Whether or not we stayed overnight in a particular state was determined by both time constraints and our not being interested by that particular state. If we didn't find something to interest us, we just drove through the state. Other states were visited more than once so they will have one page(s) for each visit. Likewise the gallery will be separated accordingly. At some of our stops we made many side trips. Some of these side trips included visiting attractions in neighboring states so they may have entries in more than one state. The menus should be self explanatory.

This site is divided into the individual sections of our travel by the States we visited. The journal contains a few photos. The gallery sections contains more photos for each trip organized by the trip itself. You can goto the gallery of an individual trip simply by clicking on one of the photos. This will open the appropriate gallery in a separate page.

We hope you enjoy our travels as much as we have!

This site is presently being rebuilt so some pages may not be available at this time. Thank you for your paitence.